What Makes the Best Golf Sunglasses?

A golfer must make several critical decisions when choosing golfing equipment, and not every decision relates to clubs. One important accessory every avid golfer must have in their kit is a good pair of sunglasses.

Your eyes play an important role when you are making a swing, so you need the best golf sunglasses. The glasses you wear in your car or to the beach are not necessarily a good fit for golfing.

The top-rated golf sunglasses keep away the painful glare while protecting your eyes from UV rays. A good pair of golf sunglasses can help you see your shot and the golf ball's lie clearly. All this can go a long way towards improving your golfing experience a great deal.

The right pair of golf sunglasses can ensure you have a fantastic game while protecting your eyes. Here is our complete guide to choosing the best golf sunglasses. Whether you are searching for golf sunglasses for men or the best golf sunglasses for women, this in-depth guide can help you make an informed choice.


Importance of Investing in the Best Golf Sunglasses

  • Eye Health – When you are playing golf, you'll be spending quite a few hours under the sun. So, it makes sense to protect your eyes just as you would when you are outdoors for any other occasion. Extensively exposing your eyes to the sun may not be good for your health.
  • Sunlight – The sun can be strong on sunny days. Although it's a good thing on most occasions, the strong sun can affect your ability to see the hole on the green or line up a shot. You will need glasses that can block the sun, allowing you to see clearly during your game.
  • Glare on the Green - Sun's harsh rays can alter reality and affect your vision on the green. A glimmer of bright light on the path to the hole can keep you from hitting the perfect shot. However, this can be solved with the right golf sunglasses.
  • Standard Vision – Apart from protecting your eyes from the sun, if you have poor vision, you will need prescription golf sunglasses. You must consider your needs before you purchase your prescription golf sunglasses online. Do you need prescription glasses when reading, while driving or daily? This will determine the type of sunglasses you buy.

How to Choose the Best Golf Sunglasses?

Here are some of the important aspects to consider when choosing golf sunglasses:

Choosing the Best Golf Sunglasses - Factor # 1: The Color

While it's important to protect your eyes when on the golf course, the tint in your sunglasses will make a huge difference. The tint of your golf sunglasses will help ensure you play your best, shot after shot after shot. Here's a look at some of the tints that are the best for golfers:

  • Brown – Contrast is extremely crucial for golfers and glasses in shades of amber or brown deliver the best results. These shades help improve contrast, which makes them extremely handy when you want to read the green. They also help even the distance vision by boosting the grass contrast and the sky, thereby allowing you to see the ball clearly while it travels through the air. Golf sunglasses in brown shades do not skew your natural vision.
  • Grays or Blacks – Blacks or grays are ideal when you want to protect your eyes from bright light. They also work well on overcast days. Most golfers choose black as they provide anti-fatigue benefits for the eyes while offering true color perception.
  • Rose Copper – Golf sunglasses with a rose copper tint are ideal for the golf course as they eliminate red and yellow tones from the green shade. This allows you to scrutinize the breaks of the green more efficiently while also discerning the contours of the course far more clearly.
  • Gray-Green – These tones are not the best for golfing. However, they can be useful if your eyes are sensitive to light, especially when the sun is at its brightest. However, these shades don't offer any other benefits other than mildly improving the contrast, hence this shade is not a favorite among golfers.
  • Blue – Blue is a color that's best avoided. While they block glare, offer protection from UV rays and are great for misty/foggy mornings, the benefits stop there. Blue is not a shade you want to consider for golf sunglasses, as you need a shade that would block the blue light.

Choosing the Best Golf Sunglasses - Factor # 2: The Cut

This is another important aspect to consider in your search for the best golf sunglasses.

Regular sunglasses are designed to reduce distortion as the wearer looks straight ahead. As a result, you will experience minimal distortion in the center of the lens and more distortion around the edges.

Although this may work for your day-to-day activities, they are not suited for golfing, because you will be looking down when hitting the ball. The distortion around the edges of the lens can cause your ball to look like it's moving while you are swinging.

That's where golfing lenses come into the picture. They are cut with golfing in mind ensuring the distortion is in all the right places so you can hit the ball correctly without your vision getting fuzzy.

Choosing the Best Golf Sunglasses - Factor # 3: The Fit

The best golf sunglasses are those that fit you well.

You've found the right tint and the perfect cut, but if your glasses don't fit well, they won't serve you well.

Golfing is all about focus, and if your glasses don't fit you well, you will be spending a lot of time adjusting your glasses, which will leave you distracted.

Sure, style is important but not at the cost of your game.

Here are some tips to buy well-fitting golf sunglasses:

  • Choose lightweight frames for ultimate comfort.
  • Choose frames that offer excellent grip. Ensure your frame comes with quality rubberized temple pads and nose pads.
  • Pick skull or straight temples as they will fit snugly.
  • Choose glasses that offer excellent peripheral coverage. This way you will avoid light from entering the periphery of your eyes. Full wrap sunglasses are your best bet.
  • Avoid lenses that are too small or too big for your face.
  • Make sure the glasses sit perfectly well on the bridge of your nose. They shouldn't be pinching your nose too tightly or sliding down.
  • As you will be looking down frequently, semi-rimless glasses are a good option. This way, you can be sure the lower rim won't obscure your vision.
  • As a thumb rule, look for sunglasses with the Three-Point Fit. This means that your glasses should touch your face in only three spots: the bridge of your nose and behind each of your temples.

Choosing the Best Golf Sunglasses - Factor # 4: Lens Quality

Most lenses are made from polycarbonate as it's a lightweight material, weighing only a third of glass lenses. Another advantage of polycarbonate is that they are scratch-resistant compared to glass and hence more durable too.

If you are a regular golfer, your sunglasses will be subjected to prolonged use and wear and tear. So, it's important to invest in durable sunglasses.

Choosing the Best Golf Sunglasses - Factor # 5: Prescription Lenses

This is another important aspect to consider when choosing sunglasses for golfing. If you use prescription eyeglasses regularly, you will need prescription golf sunglasses.

Your regular prescription sunglasses won't do. So, it's best to get a pair of prescription sunglasses specifically designed for golfing.

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Choosing the Best Golf Sunglasses - Factor # 6: Polarization

One big question on the minds of people is whether their golf sunglasses should be polarized or not.

If you ask us, polarized glasses are great for golfing, and we can't recommend them enough.


Because polarized golf sunglasses remove the glare, ensuring your eyes feel comfortable while you are golfing. This means that you can fully focus on your swing without worrying about clarity or fuzzy vision.

With polarized golf sunglasses, your vision will be sharper so you can track the ball efficiently and easily.

Choosing the Best Golf Sunglasses - Factor # 7: UV Blockage

The sun's harmful UV rays pose a health risk to your eyes. Extensive exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer around the eye, cataracts and pterygium (growth on the eye). So, UV blockage is an important aspect to consider when buying golf sunglasses.

Be sure to opt for sunglasses that offer 100% blockage against UV rays. For the ultimate comfort, you can consider customizing your polarized golf sunglasses with UV-blocking film.

Buy the Best Golf Sunglasses at MarsQuest

To summarize, the right golf sunglasses can help improve your performance as they minimize the distraction of sunlight hitting your eyes while allowing you to read the green better. They are also important to prevent eye damage that can occur when you are staring into the sun while trying to track the ball after every swing.

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