Blue Light Glasses For Eye Strain

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Shop Blue Light and UV Protection Glasses Online

For Sports

MarsQuest blue light glasses enhance clarity and sharpness of objects, whether you are playing golf, fishing, or driving at night. The lenses are polarized to reduce glare and block UVA and UVB radiation, while allowing the wavelengths needed for accurate color perception. Reduce eyestrain and promote comfortable and stress-free vision.

Digital Devices

MarsQuest blue light glasses technology enables wearers to view digital devices such as smartphones and tablets, digital car dashboards, fish finders, or digital sports equipment without distortion. This allows you to play or drive without having to take off your glasses.

Other Users

  • People who spend hours and hours in front of computer screen or digital products
  • Golfing, fishing, baseball and exterior sporting activities buffs
  • Online gaming enthusiasts
  • Driving through the day or night
  • Children engaged in sports or personal computers
  • People suffering from constant headaches

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Features of Blue Light Glasses

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Scratch‑Resistant Coating

A protective coating that strengthens your lenses and safeguards them against scratches and other types of damage.

Film Reflection Technology

To accomplish a lens's surface coating's blue light(HEV) blocking function

UV Protection Coating

A protective coating prevents UV rays from passing through the lenses. This coating is provided for free on all lenses.

Hydrophobic Coating

A coating that aids in resisting water, grease, smudges, and static on your lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum (380nm and 500nm) that can be seen by human eyes. It is a short wavelength, which means it produces higher amounts of energy. We have brought blue light inside by way of digital screens, electronic devices, LED and fluorescent lighting.

At MarsQuest, we have a wide collection of uv and blue light eye strain protection glasses at great prices online.

Our blue light filtering glasses are designed to protect your eyes and alleviate digital eye strain, making those unavoidable hours of screen time more comfortable.

Besides, they -

  • Lessen redness and soreness
  • Minimize headaches
  • Improve sleep cycle
  • Prevent Blurry Vision
  • Boost alertness & elevates mood
  • Improve cognitive function

No, not anymore. Nowadays, uv and blue light protection glasses are extremely fashionable and are intended to only block blue light at the higher end of the spectrum. The lenses are not noticeably yellow in any way. So, although they are slightly yellow, no one will be able to tell unless you inform them.

No. Wearing blue light blocking glasses for the first few times should not cause any discomfort to your eyes. Nevertheless, there may be a brief period of adjustment, particularly if you have never worn any type of clear glasses before.

Wearing blue light and uv protection glasses throughout the day is completely safe and will not have any adverse effects on your vision. On the contrary, wearing blue light glasses throughout the day can actually help protect your eyes and ensure that they are shielded from harmful blue light exposure.