Running Sunglasses For Women & Men

Looking for sunglasses that keep your eyes safe while running or cycling? At Marsquest, we offer a comprehensive range of running sunglasses for men and women. Stylish yet protective, these glasses are a must-have for outdoor activities.
Be it for a tournament or a casual road trip with friends, running and cycling glasses will effortlessly pair with your styling for the day.

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Types of Running Cycling Sunglasses

At our online store we offer different types of running sunglasses for women and men:

Model S Sunglasses

If you're a runner or cyclist who wants to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays, Model S is the perfect choice. These sunglasses wrap around your head like a bandanna and cover your eyes and nose completely. These polarized sunglasses come with 100% UVA/UVB protection and flexible frame with anti-slip technology.

Vega Sunglasses

Vega running cycling sunglasses are excellent options for runners who want stylish glasses that will help them stay safe while they are on the bike. It features Triacetate lenses, high-grade EMS frame, category 3 lenses, and anti-slip technology.

We stock vega's cycling sunglasses in many different styles and colors, making it easy for runners to find the perfect pair to fit their look and budget.

Vector Sunglasses

These sporty designer sunglasses are the one of the best running sunglasses for men and women. Vector sunglasses have a high-grade EMS frame adaptable to all shapes of face and give more coverage on the face. They also feature anti-scratch, anti-Wind, and 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Momentum Plus

Momentum Plus is one of the best polarized sunglasses for men and women on the market. Comes with added rubber on the nose bridge and temple tips for extra comfort when up and about. In addition to standard premium coatings and UV polarized lenses, Momentum Plus also withstands being run over a car, making them the perfect pair for our bustling daily lives.

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Benefits of Running Sunglasses

It’s good to be active outdoors, but you would not be performing at your best if the sun is glaring at you when you are joggling on the road. This can be extremely dangerous if you are approaching oncoming traffic.  

Having a pair of polarized sunglasses will not protect your eyes in the short term, but also in the long term. The reason why people wear sunglasses when they are active is the same as why people are wearing sunscreen when they are outdoors.  

When choosing running sunglasses for women or men, it is important to consider the type of lens and style.  

Sunglasses with plastic lenses are best for blocking out blue light, which can help improve vision during runs. With a wraparound style lens, these sunglasses also protect eyes from wind and debris while keeping the wearer visible in peripheral areas. Metal frames are typically less bulky than plastic sunglasses and provide superior durability.

For runners who frequently experience eyestrain, running glasses with special temples that cradle your ears can alleviate symptoms significantly. Mesh or perforated lenses allow air to circulate and reduce sweating on the eyes while wearing them, providing long-term relief from fatigue or pain.

Add an element of fashion to any outfit - no matter what time of year it is! Start shopping!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some important aspects to look for when choosing running cycling sunglasses:

  • Be sure to invest in durable and ultralight frames.
  • Look for running sunglasses with a snug fit, to reduce frame movement.
  • Wrap-around running sunglasses offer maximum protection and field of vision.
  • Lenses made from a lightweight material like polycarbonate or Trivex are lighter and more impact-resistant when compared to plastic.
  • No-slip silicone rubber grips and nose pads ensure your glasses do not slip from sweat.
  • UV protection is another important feature to look for. UV damage can result in cataracts, corneal damage and macular degeneration.

Brown lenses are great for all light conditions. If you are a night runner, yellow lenses are a better bet. Pink and rose-tinted sunglasses are another option for night running and low-light conditions as they improve the contrast.

The short answer is YES, running cycling sunglasses are well worth the investment.

 Here's the long answer: Sunglasses are crucial no matter the type of terrain. But they become especially important when you are running cross-country where you must look out for rocks and sticks. When you are wearing sunglasses, you can steer clear of hurdles and avoid tripping on something.

 Glasses are equally important at track meets too. With your sunglasses on, you can easily determine who to grab the baton from, especially when all the teams are wearing the same colors.

Another important benefit of sunglasses is that they help you stay alert by preventing the bright light from the sun from distracting you. Moreover, running sunglasses keep UV lights out, protecting your eyes against UV damage, debris and dirt.

The rain and wind in your eyes can blur your vision, proving to be a huge distraction. Wearing sunglasses can help improve visibility but be sure to wear a visor or hat when you are wearing sunglasses in the rain. This will shield your glasses from the rain while improving your visibility and cutting out distractions.

Runners wear sunglasses not only to see further and clearer but to also reduce their risk for injury. Runners with a mild prescription may be able to run comfortably and safely without glasses, but most people will benefit from prescription sunglasses when running.


To put it succinctly, you might be putting yourself at risk of injury if you are not running with clear sight. In the absence of clear vision, a runner may miss the curb, a small rock or the subtle changes in the terrain that could lead to injuries from as simple as a mild sprain to something as severe as a torn meniscus.


So, it's worth investing in a pair of quality sunglasses and putting them on every time you are out for a run.