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Gives youself a stylish look and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
From effortlessly cool square styles to classic with slick frames, Marsquest offers a comprehensive range of sunglasses for men online.
Select shapes, sizes, frames, and colours that go with your style or dabble in styles that you have never tried before. We got you covered.
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Buy Men’s Sunglasses - No Compromise On Quality

Marsquest specializes in quality sunglasses for men. Carefully curated with individual style, size, and face shape, you won’t find such an amazing collection anywhere else. 
For those who have unmatched eye and vision safety requirements, we have the best men's sunglasses providing protection from UV rays and sun glare.
So, when you shop for the best male sunglasses from our online store, filter your search for goggles for men by each of these individual eyewear attributes; as well as by color, design, popular trends, and type.  Our glasses also come with a 1-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

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Give Yourself Stylish Makeover with Sunglasses For Men

At Marsquest, we offer the most versatile and trendy collection of men’s sunglasses at affordable prices.  

Our collection includes sunglasses for  

ROUND SHAPE - Most people have a rounded face shape and what they need is a classy angular frame. Opt for sunglasses that will lengthen the look of your face.  

OVAL SHAPE - If you have an oval face then you're lucky. This is a common face shape and there are lots of sunglasses styles that will complement this shape. Almost any kind of frame shape will fit this face.  

SQUARE SHAPE - Curved or rounded sunglasses are the best for a square face. They mostly complement the fair face and simply fit high on the face to downplay the jawline.  

Explore our sunglasses collection if you’re looking forward to buying men’s sunglasses online. Amazing options await here, and product discounts. Start shopping now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Picking a pair of sunglasses is not as simple as picking anything that meets your fancy and adding it to your cart! We recommend that you consider some important factors like your skin tone, the shape of your face, sunglass color, frame silhouette and size when choosing a pair of sunglasses.

Wayfarers, Aviators, browline, rimless and sports sunglasses are some of the popular types of men's sunglasses. You won't go wrong when you pick from any of these styles. It's important to note that facial shape is only a guideline. You must pick sunglasses that make you feel confident. That's the best type of sunglasses for men online.

Sunglasses are an important summer accessory. The right sunglasses not only look good on you, but also protect your eyes from UV rays while covering the sensitive parts of your eyes against pollutants and dust.

Look at the following aspects when choosing sunglasses for men:

  • UV eye protection - When you want to choose the right sunglasses, you must ensure they offer 100% protection against UV rays, a type of radiation that the sun emits. If the label on the sunglasses reads "UV absorption up to 400 nm", you are assured of 100% UV protection.
  • Lens quality - Sunglasses are an investment in your visual health, even when you are not buying prescription sunglasses. Be sure to check that the sunglasses are made of quality materials.
  • Size - For the best protection against sun damage, pick sunglasses with large lenses. Wraparound-style or oversized sunglasses can offer maximum protection while limiting UV rays from entering from the sides of the glasses.
  • Impact protection - Make sure your sunglasses meet impact safety standards. Although no lenses are completely unbreakable, plastic lenses are more impact resistant compared to lenses made of glass.
  • For men with a triangle face shape, aviator, oval, wraparound, browline and rectangle sunglasses are a perfect fit.
  • For men with a heart-shaped face, aviator, geometric, wraparound and rectangle sunglasses are great.
  • For round faces, rectangle, square, wraparound and aviator sunglasses are excellent choices.
  • If you have an oval face, choose from square, rectangle, wayfarer, browline, aviator or wraparound sunglasses.
  • If your face shape is square, then Wayfarer, aviator, browline, oval, round and wraparound sunglasses are the best options for men.
  • If your face shape is oblong, the best men's sunglasses for you are Wayfarer, oval, browline, round, aviators, geometric and wraparound.
  • For men with a diamond face shape, oval, round, wraparound and aviator-style sunglasses are excellent options.

Sunglasses are available in a variety of lens shades. Black, gray, green, orange, yellow, brown, red and amber are some of the most common colors. The best sunglasses are those that suit your lifestyle. When it comes to choosing the right shade of sunglasses, it all boils down to the color that looks best on you.

You may note that some colors offer better visual comfort than others. Be sure to try on sunglasses in different shades to find the right shade for you.

You may notice that there are some subtle differences between the different shades:

  • Brown, gray and green lenses are completely neutral. They reduce eyestrain and glare without distorting colors.
  • Amber, yellow and orange shades tend to increase contrast but they can also distort color. They are also good at blocking out blue light.
  • Rose or red shades can elevate the contrast. However, they tend to distort color the most when compared to other sunglass shades.


  • Gray and brown are perfect for driving as they block out colors.
  • Amber and yellow aren't ideas as they distort the color of traffic signals.
  • Rose or pink shades are ideal for fishing or boating.
  • For pilots, brown, green-gray or gray lens colors are highly recommended.

Weather: Whether looking for mens summer sunglasses or winter glasses, we have all. For example -

  • Amber, brown and gray are ideal for overcast or sunny days.
  • Greens are ideal for use in all types of weather conditions including rain.
  • Yellow sunglasses are perfect for hazy/foggy conditions.
  • Pinks, reds, purples and light blue sunglasses for men are great for misty and snowy conditions.

Sport: We have mens sports glasses for gamers. For example -

  • For tennis, brown, gray or yellow sunglass lenses are perfect.
  • For golfers, rose/red are great for the putting green but amber, yellow and brown would be better suited for general golfing.
  • For runners, yellow, brown or rose are great options. Neutral shades like green and gray are also good options.
  • For skiing, orange, yellow or amber are highly recommended lens colors.