What is Blue Light?

Most of our indoor lifestyle now revolves around digital devices. These devices give us artificial lights as what we now call “blue light”. The artificial blue light associated with LED and screen-based OLED illumination from digital devices emits 430 nanometers to 500 nanometers - with an intense spike at 455 nanometers making it one of the shortest, highest energy wavelengths. The most harmful nanometer range is 415-455 which is now called high-energy visible light or HEV. This harmful digital blue light operates from laptops, tablets and mobile phones that we use 24/7. This makes our eyes at risk as the use of modern technology makes it easy to exceed healthy levels of blue light, especially at night.

The display screens of digital devices

emit significant amounts of Blue Light which damages light-sensitive cells in the retina.

On average, we spend 10+ hours

a day on our screens and check our phones 150 times daily.

This is where MarsQuest Blue Light glasses come in

MarsQuest Blue Light Glasses protect you from the harmful effects of digital blue light or HEV that comes from all types of modern technology – laptops, tablets and mobile phones. With its blue-light filtering technology, it will help reduce exposure to blue light, helping us all to live better eyes and healthier bodies.

No More Eye Fatigue

Exposure to blue light for a long time will hurt your eyes

Better Sleep

Blue light can disrupt our natural sleep patterns by unnaturally exposing us to blue light at night

Minimize Headaches

Blue light can have for people who are prone to headaches or migraine attacks

Prevent Blurry Vision

Exposure to blue light for a long time will hurt your eyes

Film reflection technology

To achieve blue light(HEV) blocking effect by the surface coating of the lens

Substrate absorption technology

Added absorption factor through the lens material itself to absorb blue light

Protect your eyes