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We often see fishermen wearing fishing waders, but not everyone is aware they also wear special sunglasses. These sunglasses are polarized sunglasses made specifically for fishing. Polarized sunglasses are by far the best sunglasses to wear when you go fishing. The invisible laying on the outside of these sunglasses acts as a barrier, reducing the glare from penetrating your eyes. It also helps define the object you are looking at with clarity. What you want to prevent from happening is eye strain caused by staring at the sun for a long period. Polarized sunglasses also provide fishermen with clear sight and view to catch their prey.


Polarized sunglasses are the best type of sunglasses for fishing as they reduce glare and help prevent eye strain as well as unnecessary squinting. Glare is the biggest problem when you are out fishing. What is glare? It is a disruption caused by excessive light entering your eyes, thereby affecting your vision. When you are out fishing, your biggest enemy is blinding glare, which is created by highly reflective surfaces such as water, open road and snow. Polarized sunglasses allow you to see beyond the surface of the water. This way, you can easily spot your catch.

Fishing sunglasses usually feature polarized lenses, which help protect your eyes. Polarized fishing sunglasses feature a special chemical that helps them to filter light. The chemical is placed in a way that blocks some of the light passing through the glasses. Just like a window blind, it only allows light horizontally while blocking out all light vertically, thereby cutting out glare and preventing eye strain and fatigue.

Yes, polarized sunglasses help a great deal with fishing as you can see fish clearly. Because polarized sunglasses block out the blinding glare from the water's surface, you can see through the water easily. Apart from filtering out glare, polarized sunglasses also help to improve contrast and definition, helping you to make out the details with excellent visual acuity.

Whether you want to spot a bass on the waterbed easily or get a clear look at your big catch when reeling it in, polarized sunglasses offer the visual boost you need when you are outdoors.

Yes, the lens color does matter when it comes to choosing the right fishing sunglasses. You must consider the fishing environment you expect to fish in when choosing the lens color. This way, your glasses will cater to the relevant light conditions.

As a thumb rule, if you expect to fish offshore, a gray lens with a blue mirror is the perfect combination. For inshore and freshwater fishing, rose, amber or copper lens with a green mirror are good options.

We highly recommend brown lenses for fishing. Just like amber, copper and rose, the brown shade offers just the right amount of contrast in an array of settings. This soothing color helps reduce eye strain and eye fatigue when you are out under the sun for several hours.

The lenses of most fishing sunglasses are made of polycarbonate and glass materials. Polycarbonate sunglasses are lightweight and won't break easily. But they are prone to scratching when handled poorly. Glass sunglasses offer better optical clarity and are scratch-resistant. However, they are heavier and can easily shatter on impact. The choice of lens material boils down to your personal choice. Choose the lens material based on the level of comfort you seek and the kind of elements you expect to be exposed to.

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